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FAQ about Payment

Q: Do you accept concealed cash or money order?

Sorry we do not accept concealed cash payment and money order. We only accept credit card / PayPal

Q: What currency do you accept?

We accept USD currency only. Although you can view in different currency (Euro, Pounds, Aus, NZ Dollar), when come to payment, we only accept USD currency. Meaning the different currency you saw is just a reference. Eg. you view product price in Pounds, but when come to payment, you will pay us in USD.


Q: How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost vary depends on destination country and order weights. Kindly refer our Shipping Page for more details.

Q: How to check my order status?

To check order status, just sign in and click "view previous order", you should see order number(s) and click "view order" to check the status.